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The Big Omega Management League LLC prides itself on helping creatives build the foundation of success daily! We offer services that all creatives need that provide them with the tools to improve the business surrounding their craft, whether it be music, dance, beauty, modeling , acting, or visual art. Our main goal is to transform creatives and entertainers into successful entrepreneurs. 

Turning Passions into Professions

The core goal of The Big Omega Management League, LLC is to equip hopeful creatives with the tools they need to be able to employ themselves and control every aspect of thier craft. We understand that artists, dancers, actors/actresses,
beauticians, and models have the potential to create a business surrounding
their work. Therefore, we specialize in transforming passions into professions.   

What We Offer to You

 We provide multiple services necessary for creatives to create a solid groundwork for their career including: brand development, business plans, basic marketing plans, exclusive creative management, social media consulting, management training and coaching, website design and hosting, electronic press kit, and administrative management.  


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